Roquetas de Mar


Al Baida - Roquetas de marRoquetas de Mar is a municipality in the province of Almería (Andalusia, Spain) that is part of the metropolitan area of Almería-Poniente. Its surface area is 60 km² and it has a density of 1,290.38 inhabitants/km². It is located at an altitude of 10 meters and 19 kilometers from the provincial capital, Almería.

Roquetas de Mar has the largest vacation infrastructure in the entire province; it is not in vain that it receives more than two-thirds of the tourists that visit Almería each year. Located in the west of Almería, a little less than twenty kilometers from the capital, Roquetas' activity has always revolved around the sea.

The salt flats and inshore fishing were the sustenance for centuries of a population that in the mid-20th century discovered intensive agriculture as the driving force of its economy, which a few decades later would be joined by tourism.

Quality tourist activities and services

Currently, Roquetas offers visitors more than 25,000 hotel beds, in three to five star establishments, in addition to having a large golf course, in Playa Serena, two marinas - Roquetas and Aguadulce -, a water park and of the largest Aquarium in Andalusia, both in Las Salinas.

Las Bananas - PlayasolAdded to this is an extensive offer of sports equipment spread throughout the municipality, as well as a great and complete offer at a cultural level, centered on a large Auditorium Theater, which has just completed its first five years, and supported by other stages such as the School of Music, Dance and Theater, the Castle of Santa Ana or the Lighthouse, the latter two, emblematic buildings of the city, converted into a museum and exhibition hall.

Roquetas de Mar also has a large commercial park and hundreds of shops where visitors can find everything they want.

The Port is one of the examples of modernity in Roquetas de Mar. This recently built port is one of the most beautiful areas of the municipality, as proven by the fact that thousands of people choose it on weekends and in the months summer to spend a good part of your leisure moments.


If we add to this the natural space of Punta Entinas-Sabinar, with almost 2,000 hectares of wetlands, dunes, juniper forests and mastic trees that serve as habitat for numerous species of migratory birds, its well-kept and well-equipped beaches, recognized in recent years with multiple awards - Blue Flag and Q for Tourist Quality -, and its thirteen kilometers of promenades, it can be said without a doubt that Roquetas de Mar has become in its own right one of the great tourist attractions of the Mediterranean coast

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